Turns out a plant as a plant

Something that I constantly wanted to do when I was younger was to grow my own cannabis plants, however back then it wasn’t possible.

In fact, it undoubtedly wasn’t until cannabis was made legal in our state for recreational use last year, that I finally felt comfortable doing this.

I undoubtedly talked to a few good of my buddies about this too plus they were actually all in with the project… So what the two of us all decided to do was immediately look online to learn the ways of growing cannabis plants, and pretty soon all of us acquired that according to the law, the lot of us would have to grow our cannabis plants inside the house with a category of light room. All of us would have to get the right assortment of growing lights plus the two of us would have to purchase our sexed cannabis seeds either online or at a local cannabis dispensary. So after that the two of us looked for some cannabis strains that the two of us particularly liked plus the two of us got all the materials the two of us needed including soil, a little bit of perlite, organic fertilizer, plus grow bags. All of us also got some commercial grow tents for our growing rooms. All of us were all so happy and excited when the two of us first germinated our current cannabis seeds. Those itty bitty baby plants looked so beautiful. All of us kept them under 18 hours of Direct light plus 6 hours of dark to start because the two of us l acquired from the internet that this was the vegetative stage. I was surprised at how particularly fast these plants grew, and eventually the two of us easily took clones of the plants so the two of us could continue to propagate our strains without getting more seeds. In the end, this was some of the dankest bud I have ever tried!

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