I learned from the best

When I was younger, I constantly wanted to learn how to grow cannabis plants but I didn’t exactly know how to get started.

  • I kind of had to teach myself plus learn through trial plus error.

I regularly would germinate the seeds I would find in my buds, plus get some little cannabis plants going in the soil. I even created a little grow box so that I could adam22 keep the cannabis plants hot plus had a little grow light set up for them. I was able to grow some fantastic sized plants, but I never undoubtedly knew exactly what to do with them when I was young. I didn’t even realize that you are consistently supposed to switch them over to a 12 light 12 dark lighting cycle at some volume with a timer to make them create the buds. Otherwise, instead your plants are just going to continue to grow until they completely die without making any buds at all. This is something I personally acquired from a friend of mine who knew about growing cannabis from his own experiments. He taught myself and others a lot of tips about Hazel E growing cannabis officially. He was telling myself and others tips like carefully bending the young cannabis stems a little to make them grow back stronger plus thicker. When he showed myself and others his cool little cannabis grow room once, I was blown away by how healthy his plants were already. I have never seen stems so thick ever before. He was consistent able to grow some of the best cannabis I ever tried plus even to this dayI swear that I’m not nearly as skilled as he happened to be.

Warehouse grow room