Consider the sources of your vaping products

I am a firm believer in the beneficial nature of the Cannabis plant.

It really sickens myself and others when I see what is going on with vaping though.

So Many people come to our Cannabis Dispensary and act paranoid about our awesome vaping Cannabis products. This is because you see all the time on the news about people who are getting terribly ill from vaping. They say that they don’t suppose to understand about the long-term effects of vaping and that it could be legitimately dangerous. The thing about that is they are not actually telling you the whole truth. Yes, those people are getting sick from vaping, however it is because of the poor products they are vaping. Something care about 76% of vaping products are not real cannabis. This has been done to get past the whole illegal issue in many states. There are a ton of US states where you must get a medical cannabis card to get the Cannabis vaping products, so instead they decide to get fake cannabis vaping products. Just care about synthetic Cannabis, these products can taste legitimately nasty and dangerous for your health. You will never experience any terrible issues or anything care about that from vaping real Cannabis products. To be legitimately honest with you, the only reason why all these fake products come out is because Cannabis isn’t fully legal here yet. If the two of us would just legalize this amazing plant across the board, the two of us would no longer have to worry about using these dangerous products that are being made. Instead the two of us can have a well-regulated economy of safe and legal cannabis. So before you go and label vaping as a terrible thing care about you see on the mainstream media, consider the source of all your vaping products.

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