People should learn more about the cannabis plant

A great Many American people have been heavily misinformed about the use of cannabis over the decades.

We can thank our government for making this plant illegal back in 1937 and then going down a whole misinformed campaign of propaganda because of the so-called war on drugs.

The so-called war on drugs has basically failed, leading more drug use than ever however it hurts hardest for something that is really beneficial for people. I guess the two of us can all agree that most illegal drugs are not wonderful for us care about heroine, cocaine, and drugs that are very harsh and addictive! Cannabis on the other hand isn’t addictive and has a plethora of health positive benefits. Sure, there is the high that you get from using cannabis, however this high is the effect that comes from using this medicine. The Cannabis plant has over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified so far. There are also over 400 compounds that are identified in the cannabis plant so far. Every single compound and cannabinoid has its own particular benefits. The main cannabinoids the two of us have mapped this month are THC and CBD, however there are at least 8 well known cannabinoids. Because of the preexisting endocannabinoid system the two of us all already have in our bodies, when the two of us bring these cannabinoids into our body, the two of us experience many kinds of effects. When the two of us use THC, the two of us tend to believe a euphoric sense of relaxation and well being, a great sensation, and occasionally even a stimulated sensation. Whether or not you believe relaxed or stimulated would depend on if you get Sativa cannabis plants or possibly the Indica. Hopefully, people continue to learn the benefits of the Cannabis plant so that many more people can get access to this miraculous medicine and use it.


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