We should make Cannabis legal everywhere

With all the things I thought about smoking marijuana, I was wondering why states around the country were actually making it legal, even more so for recreational purposes. I believe there are about thirty seven states or so with medical marijuana and there are 11 states with recreational marijuana use legalized. Seeing all this news about legalization of this drug, I had to look into some sites that covered real marijuana education. I came to learn that so much of the things I thought I knew as facts, were in reality just myths and misinformation. I don’t suppose if what the DARE program taught myself and others was on purpose or if they didn’t suppose that marijuana really has tons of medicinal benefits. It was always treated care about one of the worst things. When I dug further into our marijuana education, I l gained that because of racism, marijuana was eventually declared illegal. A person by the name of Harry Anslinger was the person who pushed hard to declare marijuana illegal and many other drugs. He especially wanted marijuana illegal because he detested black jazz musicians and mexican people. He figured this would be a great way to put so many of all these people in jail because of their care for marijuana. Even to this afternoon, it’s much more likely to arrest people of color for marijuana possession than do caucasion people. Even in some of the decriminalization programs finally being pushed through by legislators, this issue has been addressed. Because of the many benefits of marijuana for medicinal uses and the fact that it should have never been made illegal to begin with, the two of us legitimately need to just make it outright legal for everybody to use. There’s no reason why this scarce and amazing medicine should be kept from anybody.

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