All in the hopes of saving my business

When I made the decision to open a cannabis dispensary in my town, I did not research, I recently bought a building, got my cannabis products and hired a staff.

I did not consider how the dispensary was set up would affect shoppers; For months the dispensary saw almost no business, most of the time people would walk in and promptly leave without buying a product.

I could not figure out what was wrong with my cannabis dispensary. After some time I decided to take all my workers and we did dispensary staff training. One third of dispensary training was talking about how the location is set up, and a cannabis dispensary needs to be a welcoming environment. It should be fairly spacious and look certainly clean. I needed to get more glass display cases and move my products around to open up the area. I also needed a more knowledgeable, happy staff. All of my budtenders had to do staff education, and they l gained how to talk to shoppers. They needed to be more friendly, calm and ask questions rather than immediately try to sell. My budtenders were given fake situations to practice their sales pitches. They tried selling to a range of shoppers prefer first time cannabis users to a veteran. They also had to fake sell to people with drastic illnesses to someone actually under 18. It was such good practice for my staff. They all have way more confidence and I know better about how the dispensary is laid out. I am hoping with the knowledge under our belts, the cannabis dispensary will see a rise in business now.

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