Can I take cannabis sales training if it's just me?

Not every cannabis dispensary is the same.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are more like a doctors office and highly regulated. Larger dispensaries for recreational use have tons of cannabis products and budtenders walking around. Talking to one of the budtenders is difficult due to the massive amounts of customers. I work at a smaller recreational dispensary. We see fairly steady business and there is plenty of time to chat with the customers. We are one step above a gas station where people just grab the products and leave. But, our dispensary doesn’t require any cannabis education in order to work in the store. That doesn’t really work for me. I am a cannabis user and I know my products. I know what strain works the best for each issue. I know about the science of cannabis as well. As far as selling cannabis products, I am a bit lost. I am thinking about doing budtender training at a local facility. I hunted around online and I found a place that allows you a free trial. The first lesson is free. They are so confident you will enjoy the cannabis course, you will be back. The problem is that every cannabis training course is focused on a whole crew of people. The idea is that the budtender staff members all would do the training. I am just one guy that wants to learn more. I am hoping I won’t stick out too bad. I really would like to take cannabis sales training to be that much better of a worker. I am hopeful they will just let me sign up.
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