No more pain thanks to CBD

I was reading on the web that CBD basically can do anything when it comes to helping a person, but it can reduce pain, stress and even help a woman sleep. I liked the plan of being a small amount more mellow plus getting some help for my arthritis. Sadly most CBD is technically section of the marijuana plant, however medical and even recreational marijuana is illegal in my state… So getting the CBD has proven to be just about impossible. There is no cannabis dispensary to option it up at or to get shipped to me. I would be able to drive across state lines plus illegally mule it, however that just sounds frightening. One random day I thought I had a stroke of luck. I found CBD oil online plus was so pumped to try it.. I made sure to have it shipped right to my house plus realized it wasn’t technically CBD oil, it was just hemp oil, hemp oil is not as powerful, tastes worse plus did nothing for me. Most people online complained about the offshoot brand plus that it was worthless; Apparently it is the closest thing to CBD oil that our state allows, why in the hell can’t I have the oil? CBD doesn’t even get a woman high. I don’t have to go to a dispensary or even smoke the product. It is literally a small bottle of oil with a dropper. I take a few drops plus should be relaxing to go. The only thing that I want is a little relief for my arthritis. I am not trying to smoke a joint plus get stoned. My state really needs to get things in order.



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