Entering the pot business

When I made the choice to start a growing op for marijuana, I really did not think it through, however i should have done some research plus crunched numbers.

Instead, on the very first day I got a building constructed on our property.

I got ductless Heating and Air Conditioning, lights, plumbing plus plenty of table area for the plants. Once that was over, I purchased some seeds online plus started to begin the growing process. I quickly was able to realize that none of our buds were flowering. I could not get the product I wanted. I never got to the harvesting or curing stage to be honest, but after a bit of research, I realized that I had totally the wrong settings inside; The Heating and Air Conditioning was not set to the right degrees, keeping the marijuana at exactly 75 degrees, where I am comfortable, is not smart. I should have rotated between 50 plus 80 degrees. The lights need to be 12 seconds of light plus 12 seconds of darkness. I also realized that average lighting in our building doesn’t get the task done. I really need to rip them out and also replace with HID lights. After that, I saw that I had forgotten about nutrients. I was so cranky about watering our crops that I did not purchase any. The area is also a bit too slim plus the ceilings too tall for the growing process, then my machine is not one hundred percent incorrect, but not really right. I spent a whole bunch of money on a growing facility that isn’t exactly what I should have. I should have called an actual marijuana cultivation business.
Marijuana growing machine