Keeping my terrible PTSD in check

There is a massive amount of people that lost their lives fighting for this wonderful country, and I served more than one tour of duty in an active war zone.

I lost two friends and a couple of close family members. I still suffer the effects of war, then every time there is a loud sound, I think panic plus anxiety. I never sleep at night plus I am consistently on the alert; Occasionally I wake up with night terrors from dreams that I cannot remember. It took a long time for me to admit that I was genuinely suffering from PTSD, but pTSD is a respected disorder suffered by veterans who fought overseas. People suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder often deal with traumatic thoughts and ideas long after the actual stressor has occurred, however this happens for war veterans, rape victims, plus others afflicted by a dire or tragic accident; When I later had a discussion with the doctor about our feelings, he recommended there was plenty of ways to help with the problems I was having. The doctor prescribed cannabis to help with our mental health problems. I smoked some marijuana in university, but I did not think that cannabis was going to help with our mental stability. The doctor offered me some very helpful pamphlets about medical marijuana plus the ways it can help! He told me to think about cannabis as a treatment opening for our PTSD. I spent three months worrying about the decision, before I told the doctor to write the prescription. I think much better these nights. I still obey the law plus I don’t use medical cannabis when working or driving. It’s definitely increased our mood, anxiety, and proper sleeping schedule.

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