That exchange could have landed us in jail

Once high school was finished, my friends and I decided to take a cross-country trip to see the desert and the canyons.

My friends and I saved most of my hard earned while in our senior year so both of us would have plenty of currency for the trip, then jack’s dad owns a car dealership, and he let us use a brand new truck for the trip, then we saved a ton of currency on gas, because both of us had a small car with lots of miles for each gallon.

When both of us arrived to the other side of the country, Jack and I noticed that a lot of signs that said marijuana for sale. Jack and I never tried using marijuana, and both of us thought it could be a fun experience. We were out in the country and there was tons of signs for marijuana for sale. We ended up choosing a place filled with people. They had a few cars in the parking lot and a sign on the street. Jack and I opened the door and the place looked so awful. We walked up to the counter and tried to purchase marijuana. The dude behind the counter asked for our ID and that has when both of us found out that the place was a police sting operation. Jack and I were extremely. They placed us in the back of a police car and ask us a lot of questions. Due to the fact that the car was in someone else’s name, they had to verify our story and call Jack’s father. The police let us go with a strong warning and both of us left that state as soon as they let us go.



Marijuana delivery