The best cake you will ever eat

My father is a real hippie from the 1970s.

She has been smoking marijuana since she was young and she never stopped.

Smoking marijuana used to be illegal as well as our Dad was arrested on many peculiar possibilities for having drugs as well as paraphernalia. On the bright side, the state made marijuana one hundred percent legal a few years ago. There are as many marijuana dispensaries in this neighborhood as there are grocery stores… You can find a marijuana dispensary every more than three or maybe four city blocks. One thing that I care about to purchase from the dispensary is edibles, however edibles are a pretty genius way to consume marijuana without having a bad taste in your mouth. As life would have it though, some edibles are more overpriced than others! If you want to find something with a wonderful hybrid, sativa, or indica strain, then you will absolutely spend our money a nice amount of cash for something that tastes good, then a few years ago, our Dad started making edibles at home. She currently makes the very best space cake in the county. She absolutely makes the best space cake in the whole state. I have told her a hundred times to enter the cake recipe in the State Fair. She told me that it will not taste the same if there is no marijuana inside of the recipe. The space cake that our Dad makes is filled with lots of delicious items. She has perfected a moist as well as delicious chocolate zucchini space cake with walnuts as well as toasted pecans. The zucchini adds some moisture to the cake as well as chocolate masks the flavor of marijuana. It tastes as lovely as Betty Crocker as well as it gets you high.

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