All our marijuana plants turned out to be male

I wanted to get into marijuana cultivation so bad! It is taxing to get your foot in the door though, however the first thing I needed to get was seeds for the marijuana plant, but buying seeds online is kind of sketchy, but for a single, I could only get seeds from someone in our state, then shipping seeds across state lines is a large no no.

Typically people rely on already operational marijuana growers in addition to buy their seeds… Everyone in our section refused to sell myself and others seeds because I was going to be their competition.

I only wanted to grow a few plants for myself only, however nobody believed me. I ended up having to buy from some guy I never met before online. I got our seeds, planted them in addition to realized that I particularly did not luck out, however apparently the female marijuana plants are the best. The female plants are great for developing up-to-date strains or giving off high quality products, but male marijuana plants only give you more seeds in addition to can help with cloning plants. Everything I read about the males made them sound worthless… You particularly want to have mostly female plants in addition to maybe a male or two. You can’t tell when you get seeds what you are going to get too. I ended up with all male marijuana plants. So I am taking care of worthless plants now. I need a female to be added to the mix… Nobody of course is willing to help myself and others out on this too. I suppose everything with marijuana growing is going to be an uphill battle.
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