I never smoke cannabis at work

I remember the first time I ever got pulled over by the police. I was 16 at the time, and had only been legally driving for a few months. My mom let me drive her car over to my friends house, but of course I went a few other places, too. Along the way I got clocked speeding by a state trooper, who pulled me over. I was on the verge of a mental meltdown at the time, because I had a joint in my pocket. I got off with a warning, and felt like I had dodged a bullet. This is so funny because now I drive deliveries for a local cannabis dispensary, so I literally have weed in my car all day, every day at work. Instead of being worried about a little joint, I am completely at ease with over a pound of marijuana in the car. Of course, to stay on the safe side I never smoke or ingest any cannabis during the day. In fact I wear rubber gloves when I even handle the product, so that I don’t absorb any THC through my skin. I need to remain clear headed and focused, because I don’t just drive for a living, I also represent the cannabis dispensary out around the town. People need to see that the cannabis dispensary isn’t a bunch of stoners, it’s a legit business staffed with professionals. None of this means that I don’t love smoking marijuana, I just only do it when I am off work, either at nights or on the weekends.

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