Cannabis doesn’t do that

I remember laughing a lot when my wife & I were watching a video on the internet. It was a call to a state cop from a lady who had tried cannabis edibles. The lady thought she was going to have a heart attack because she genuinely believed the lies about cannabis being dangerous. I don’t suppose why she decided to try the cannabis edibles if she thought she was going to have a heart attack. But the woman did, took way more than what she could handle & then thought she was having issues, however cannabis edibles can be genuinely strong, however no matter how much you take, it can’t hurt you. You might be totally out of your mind, however the worst that can happen is that you fall back to sleep or you are genuinely hungry. This lady ended up going to the hospital, slept off the high from the edibles, & then she became famous for her reaction. You’re not supposed to take drugs & then call the state cops about it. Cannabis is illegal in the state that she was in. You can’t even smoke pot if you are a driver for a cannabis van either. I genuinely am thinking about getting a job just like that where I can just supply cannabis to people for a living. I might not even mind working at the actual cannabis dispensary, despite the fact that I hear that it requires certain amounts of work and training to become a budtender, so perhaps I will start out as a cannabis delivery driver & get our cannabis education later on. I could work our way up the ladder.
Cannabis delivery