Learning a new trade from home

When I decided that I was interested in becoming a budtender for cannabis users, I knew I needed education to be able to do this.

The only problem was, I was not looking to become a budtender for a main career because you never know how long that would last. I wanted to do it as a side gig. So the only way I could get my education on becoming a cannabis budtender was to enroll in online budtender training. Shockingly, there were a few different places that offered online budtender training for a very small fee compared to going to college online for a major trade school. My online budtender training was able to be done at the right times that I was available between working my main job and doing general life tasks. My online budtender training teacher was pretty darn awesome too. It kind of felt like having a long distance hang out with an old friend from across the country. That is how personable my online budtender teacher was. I was able to complete the online budtender training course within a month! That was pretty quick, but I was at that time able to become a full time budtender professional if I really wanted to. But like I said, I was only wanting it as a side gig because the whole budtender and recreational cannabis smoking thing could die down in my area some day. Then I would be on the unemployment line and not be able to collect unemployment on a gig like being a budtender for recreational cannabis use.

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