When i first smoked a joint

I’ll never forget the very first time I ever smoked a joint! Marijuana smoking was something all the teenagers were doing and I had not done it yet.

It was a real trip let me tell you! Your very first time smoking marijuana is an experience that just can not ever be repeated in future marijuana smoking sessions. No matter how many times you engage in recreational cannabis smoking! You see my friend was growing hemp in his backyard. It was pretty funny when he first started. He wanted a joint so bad and had no marijuana ready that he poured miracle grow on his little hemp farm! This killed it and we all laughed at him! He had to start all over again. But he learned while growing hemp to never pour miracle grow on it. That was hilarious. But back to my first time smoking a joint. When I smoked it I felt like I was transported to another world! It was like I left this earth and went to mars or something. Future times of recreational marijuana smoking were not like this because my body got used to it. But I will never forget that one and only first time ever engaging in recreational hemp smoking. It was really fun! I don’t smoke marijuana anymore today as an adult. I sort of outgrew the whole recreational marijuana smoking thing. Plus I have responsibilities with a wife and 2 kids. I could never get away with recreational marijuana smoking these days even if I truly and really wanted to!
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