Can this dream turn into a reality?

For the longest time, I have wanted to try and grow pot.

But the thing is, I never felt comfortable enough to even know how to go about the process of growing pot.

Eventually, recreational cannabis was made legal here in our state. When that happened, I realized that I genuinely had no other excuses not to grow pot. I loved smoking it plus I was even able to try some edibles plus high quality pot products from our cannabis dispensary. I figure that if I can just learn about growing cannabis, I could make a little bit of money selling it to the cannabis dispensaries. I think in order to be successful, I would need to get some sort of turn-key facility that is equipped with everything I need to get started. If I am being even-handed with myself about getting into the cannabis biz, that is how I would have to proceed in order to make the important bucks. But, I can always begin small to at least learn the basics. I’m not sure I’m willing to make such an immense investment just yet. I think perhaps I should begin with a marijuana growing kit plus see how that goes. If I do pretty well with growing cannabis in my home, then it would be a wise transfer to invest in a larger facility for my growing operation. I would even hire all my buddies to come help myself and others grow a lot more pot. Honestly, it would be a dream come true to grow pot for the rest of my years plus make some truly unbelievable money. I hope that I can genuinely convert this dream into a reality soon.


How to grow marijuana