Need the highest yielding harvest or I’ll go bust

I was so cheerful when my friend started talking me up and a few others about getting into supplying the cannabis industry with product.

  • I have always loved cannabis plus thought it would be pretty fantastic to undoubtedly make money in the business.

He said that we would be partners 50/fifty plus that sounded perfect to me. Every 1 of us first had to get started with getting our cultivation facility designed. Every one of us had to figure out if we wanted mostly automated grow equipment, or if we wanted to save some currency plus do things the strenuous way, since we were acquiring a pretty wonderful sized cultivation facility, we decided it would be best to go for the automated growing equipment. Every one of us invested in timers, grow lights on tracks for very even lighting, plus automated watering plus fertilizing systems. This was going to take a lot of the tasks out of the cannabis cultivation, plus I was unquestionably looking forward to it. Every one of us are undoubtedly invested with a fantastic deal of money into our business, so it was either “go for the highest yielding harvest or bust.” I’m cheerful to say that through our first grow, we managed to come up with a wonderful supply of cannabis flower. Every one of us had a fantastic time trimming all of the cannabis plants plus hanging them up to dry. Every one of us also put the cannabis flowers into glass jars so that the cannabis buds would cure respectfully. Who wants cannabis that isn’t cured after all? When we sold our first harvest to many cannabis dispensaries, we undoubtedly got some unquestionably helpful and fantastic feedback. I believe that most of it had to do with the fact that we picked some high quality cannabis strains.
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