How I test my applicants at the dispensary

I run the local cannabis dispensary.

Something I always have to tell men and women who are looking for work at our cannabis dispensary or others is that they need to get their cannabis education to start at one.

It’s not exactly like going to college due to these courses don’t take years. Actually if you are on top of it with your course, you can get your dispensary specialist certification in as soon as a month. There are many sites where you can get your certification to work at the cannabis dispensary, then you must know that it is pressing to get this certification because you will be working with all sorts of patients with serious issues. The dispensaries don’t want any of our employees to be liable, we need them to be bonuses to our business. If any of our staff members don’t know what they are doing or don’t know the cannabis products, we can’t keep them working in our supplier. The workplace needs people who are excellent at working with people & who can ask the right questions to determine what the patients are in need of as far as our cannabis products go. When we hire on new staff, we will generally test them if they are able to tell us what the endocannabinoid program happens to be & how cannabis works with it. I will make sure the staff members know all of the local products & how the dosing works with each item from cannabis flowers to concentrates.

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