Why I need certified professionals

If you’ve ever pondered if it’s certainly necessary for employees to have proper budtender training before working at a cannabis dispensary, the answer is that it’s necessary.

The thing is, when you work at a cannabis dispensary, you are not working as just a normal on the floor sales guy.

You are dealing with patients that are looking for the proper medicine for their particular needs. If you don’t have the coursework, then you are not qualified to deal with these patients on an official basis. Yeah, there are people coming in for recreational cannabis products as well, but you secondly need to be able to help those people in a similar measure & figure out precisely what they are hunting for. With a good understanding of all of the cannabis products, you could guide them to the item that they desire. Next, you must know how the endocannabinoid program in your body works with pot products & you should be able to explain to the patients & customers how that goes on. You should know all the laws & regulations in your state & additionally on the federal level. Even to this day and age, on the federal level, cannabis remains not allowed & potentially the federal government could come in & shut down the movement everywhere. That would not be a great thing to the people who desire marijuanan for medical purposes. I doubt the federal government would do something like that. Can’t ever be sure though. So long as we always run a professional business with certified workers, there should never be any reason for our cannabis businesses to shut down.
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