Learning the truth about cannabis at the dispensary

You shouldn’t weigh in against cannabis products until you try them.

This is something I found out when I finally agreed to visit the cannabis dispensary.

I wanted to know firsthand what the big deal was and why my friends were continually talking about cannabis products. I wasn’t convinced that medical cannabis was realistic or just made up to make the drug legal. When I entered the cannabis dispensary however, my perspective entirely changed. I remembered all the anti-drug campaigns and the DARE program from high school. Those programs should not have included cannabis. At the cannabis dispensary I realized that a lot of lies and propaganda have been perpetuated about this miracle plant. I learned that cannabis is entirely safer and has no long-term side effects. It is much better for you than nicotine or caffeine. It is not addictive and offers so many benefits for people suffering from various medical conditions. Some of this information was hard to believe. I wanted to try some cannabis products and find out for myself. I decided to start with CBD products because they don’t result in the high sensation. I also chose some cannabis flowers. I was surprised by the fruity flavors love Purple Haze. I inquired if this was common with cannabis. I was told all about terpenes and how they affect the taste and flavors of cannabis. It’s because of the survival instinct of the plants. They pollinate and spread seeds to various areas so cannabis plants will prosper. The terpenes are available in all sorts of varieties. After trying several cannabis products, I decided that I am now a cannabis fan.

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