Learning about cannabis during a visit to the dispensary

The terpenes are available in all sorts of varieties

You shouldn’t knock cannabis products until you’ve tried them. I figured this out first hand when I finally decided to make the trip to a local cannabis dispensary. I decided it was time to see what the fuss was all about. I’d been hearing about the selection of quality cannabis products available. I wasn’t convinced that medical cannabis was actually necessary for most people or a way for them to make taking their drug of choice legal. When I entered the cannabis dispensary for the first time, my whole perspective on cannabis completely changed. I thought back to all of the anti-drug campaigns & the DARE program that was so big in the schools. Those programs should not have included cannabis. At the cannabis dispensary, I realized that a lot of lies & propaganda had been spread about this natural remedy. Cannabis is actually much better for you than caffeine or nicotine. It is not addictive and there are no long-term side effects. It is less expensive. Some of this information was surprising to me. I wanted to try a few of the cannabis products to find out for myself if it was enjoyable. I decided to start with CBD products & a couple of strains of cannabis flowers. I was amazed by the fruity natural flavors. There were so many to choose from. I wanted to know if that was a standard thing with cannabis & was told about terpenes & how they influence the taste & flavors of cannabis. It’s a survival technique of the plants allowing them to be pollinated & spread seeds to different areas. This encourages more cannabis plants could grow. The terpenes are available in all sorts of varieties. They offer very nice scents & tastes. After trying several cannabis products, I am a fan of cannabis.