Girl Scout Cookies(10)




Buy Girl Scout Cookies A.K.A GSC online , Is A Crossbreed Between OG Kush And Durban Poison,  Its Reputation Grew Too Large To Stay Within The Borders Of Its Californian Homeland. Girl Scout Cookies Is An Indica-Dominant Hybrid With A Strong Sativa Component (40:60 Sativa/Indica Ratio). This Strain Can Reach THC Levels Of Up To 28%, Meaning It’s One Of The Most Potent Strains Available To Medical Marijuana Patients.


Girl Scout Cookies Possesses A Very Peculiar And Clearly Visible Appearance As A Strain. Under Her Dense Coat Of Trichomes, You Can Find Lavender, Frost-Covered Calyxes That Coils Around The Stem, Creating A Work Of Art That Only A True Cannabis Lover Appreciates. If Viewed Under A Magnifying Glass, You Will See The Purple Hue Climbing Its Way Up The Trichome Stems. Buy Girl Scout Cookies online





Girl Scout Cookies Possesses Some Unbelievably Powerful Effects That Are Beneficial To The Medical Community In Numerous Ways. First And Foremost, This Is A Great Strain For Treating Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Tension, And Cramps. Its Highly Sedative Properties Will Have You Feeling Relief In No Time. Additionally, Many Use This Strain As A Stress Reliever. The Tranquilizer-Like Feeling Of This Bud Puts You In A Place Of Complete Relaxation, Slaying Stress And Even Getting You Ready For A Good Night’s Sleep.




-Dry Mouth
-Dry Eyes


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